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I use a simple 3-tier filing system for efficiently handling paper files at my desk and to help minimize desk top clutter.

1. On my desktop I have a file holder to keep close at hand the files that I am working on that day. These are the documents that I should be able to find in a hurry. I should have no more than half a dozen files here at any one time. The real trick is to prevent an accumulation of files in this desktop holder. If the file is not expected to be accessed that day it should be relocated to a drawer for active files (my second tier). I empty this holder at the end of the day, then re-stock it the next morning with what I will be working on that day.

2. The second tier of my file handling system is a small under-desk file drawer. Here I keep all of my currently active files. I may not be working on that file today but there is still work to be done before it is concluded. I also ensure that if a file does not pertain to an activity or project with a definitive end point, then it does not belong here. Everyday I will pull from this drawer the few files that I expect to need for the day and put them in my desktop holder.

3. The third tier of my file system is my Archives. For this I keep a large four drawer filing cabinet to store all inactive files. This will include files from completed projects and activities as well as collected resource info that might be useful for some future project.

This system of mine has developed over time and it may still be refined but I think it is a good enough system that I don’t hesitate in recommending that you give it a try.